The 2015 Arsies: January 8, 2015

January 8, 2015 Zig

Marty Friedman makes his welcome return to the world of non-bubble gum-J-Pop music in a decidedly fucking heavy way with Inferno. You knew the man would be shredding, but this is true metal mayhem, with some detuned riffing we haven't heard from Marty before. A fairly varied affair, with some flamenco stylings from fellow metalheads Rodrigo y Gabriela, thrashy grunting courtesy of Revocation's Dave Davidson, and unfortunately, a most unwelcome straight ahead rock tune from Danko Jones that nearly stops the album in its tracks halfway through. That aside, we have a well crafted album with memorable instrumental tracks. Welcome back to the world of metal, Marty—we missed you!
Next, Fallujah comes ready to impress with The Flesh Prevails. Imagine if Cynic were fronted by Barney Greenway, and you've got some idea of the kind of action you'll get here. Again, excellent musicianship (where are they breeding the metal kids these days?) mixed with an eclectic range of styles makes for an original, impressive work. They could use a little more work on more memorable songcraft, but they're still young!
While they are both well played, really enjoyable albums, Fallujah's scope and willingness to push the envelope gives them the win today!

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