The 2015 Arsies: February 5, 2015

February 5, 2015 arse

We start the evening with Inter Arma's "EP" (their name for it, not mine) The Cavern. It's equal parts Isis, Pink Floyd, and Godspeed You Black Emperor, culminating in a soul sapping masterwork. This is sludge's Catch Thirty-Three. Last week, I'd said that it would take an emotionally full album to take down Inter Arma. And that's certainly not Cannibal Corpse's forte. But there's just so much more material to work with on A Skeletal Domain, all of it really, really, really good. The refs are imaginative and fresh, the performances tight, the production pristine. This is without question Cannibal Corpse's best work in recent memory, and they're not about to be taken down buy anything less then savagery. Inter Arma is finally, ingloriously, bloodily brought down, and now I get to type a sentence that frankly I never thought that I would: Cannibal Corpse have made it to the Quarterfinals!
Tomorrow morning is going to suck for me, because that's when Fallujah compete against Destrage.

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