The 2015 Arsies: January 28, 2015

January 28, 2015 arse

Anaal Nathrakh have a whole lot going for them, and Desideratum is at times a truly inspired and memorable work. But when this 21st-century black industrial band lose their footing, they seriously eat shit in the most clownish way. In particular, I've got a real problem with their Dani-Filth-inspired vocal stylings. Also (and this has nothing to do with anything, but it must be said): how is the metal press afraid to talk about how their name is basically "Anal Math-rock"? The emperor has no clothes, you guys.
On The Flesh Prevails, Fallujah may lean brighter and proggier than Anaal Nathrakh, but their footing is sure. There's not a bad track on the whole album. Not to say that The Flesh Prevails is without its flaws -- in particular, it does feel a bit overlong on repeated listens -- but if we're being honest, that's true of both albums here. So today, Fallujah win their victory about as much as their competitors trip themselves up. Them's the breaks, Anal Mathrock.
Later today, it's time for Destrage and Cormorant to compete.

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