The 2015 Arsies: February 13, 2015

February 13, 2015 arse

Well, this is awkward: not only is Black Crown Initiate's The Wreckage Of Stars one of the most interesting and imaginative albums in this year's entire tournament, but it is also more inventive than Cannibal Corpse's A Skeletal Domain (BCI know how to churn out some unusual and memorable riffs, boyhowdy). But between the two choices this morning, the Cannibal Corpse is much more joyfully metal. I mean, c'mon: you can't help but smile through your grimace when you realize the different ways that George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher finds to bark out the title of High Velocity Impact Spatter. Also, there's a meticulous perfection to the BCI that actually detracts from the overall punch. While every bit as expertly performed, the Cannibal Corpse opts for a less refined sound, thereby retaining its humanity, and delivering a more cathartically harrowing vibe. And A Skeletal Domain is just more fun. BCI should be proud of themselves, though; they've got a special album on their hands.
Tonight, we end the week with the penultimate matchup of this entire tournament: the Semifinal bout between Revocation and Job For A Cowboy!

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