The 2015 Arsies: February 3, 2015

February 3, 2015 arse

Zig was absolutely on the money when he gave props to tonight's first contender, Dead Congregation. Promulgation of the Fall is a solid 40 minutes of no-frills death metal, and from start to finish it offers that warm satisfying meat-and-potatoes feeling that only completely unswerving genre maniacs can muster. But as luck would have it, their earnestness just can't compete with the precision banzai charge of Every Time I Die's technical metalcore masterpiece From Parts Unknown. Another "wow, really?" Kurt Ballou production, this album is classic ETID, but with some of the goofiness of Ex Lives traded in for just the right amount of finesse. Also, there's something about the chorus hook in Decayin' With The Boys that recalls vintage thrash (maybe the "Hit The Lights"-ish refrain sung in a very Joey Belladonna way) that just kills me. ETID win again! I wonder what'll happen next week when they cross paths with Skyharbor.
Tomorrow, it's the contest that many have been on the edge of their seats for: BABYMETAL vs Origin! showdown.

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