The 2015 Arsies: February 3, 2015

February 3, 2015 arse

Rushing into the metal action this morning, Godflesh starts us off with A World Lit Only By Fire, a snarling and caustic hour of British post-industrial that shares as much in common with slower Meshuggah as it does with Killing Joke. The subversion is layered on evenly and satisfyingly throughout, although it does go on about two or three tracks longer than feels necessary. Here's the thing, though: while Skyharbor does not feel overly long, its metal is more slippery. The ride is excellent and interesting and admirable and faultless while it's happening, but when it's done, it's harder to remember how you got there. Nevertheless, Skyharbor's highs are so much higher than Godflesh's. A World Lit Only By Fire has nothing as epic and emotive as the title track from Guiding Lights. And just like that, Skyharbor once again stare down an arguably more metallic opponent, and take the win from Godflesh. I did not see that coming.
Later tonight, Every Time I Die see what they make of Dead Congregation, in a fast-paced showdown.

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