The 2015 Arsies: February 4, 2015

February 4, 2015 arse

Haters gonna hate. See, Origin (who started the day off in furious fashion) are pretty fantastic on Omnipresent, with inhuman blast beats and ridiculous guitar arpeggios and Cookie Monster om nom nom. And I knew going into this morning's listening party that I'd be plenty happy hearing their album all the way through again. But aside from the sweep-picking tour de force Continuum, this is a fleeting happiness. The job, it got done. No complaints. But the BABYMETAL is just too original, special, jaw-dropping. The core metal on this eponymous album is just expert-level riffage, and the non-metal parts are entertaining and inoffensive enough to season the meat. Also, the halfway point of Megitsune is still my pick for Top Breakdown Of 2014. So, yeah. BABYMETAL wins again, and frankly it wasn't even that hard a decision to make.
Tonight, Job For A Cowboy and Belphegor clash in the final bout of Round 2.

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