The 2015 Arsies: January 19, 2015

January 19, 2015 arse

Once again, we've got two very different bands duking it out tonight: the decidedly Hum-inspired Bostonians in Junius, and Bavarian thrashers Noneuclid. Let's start with Junius, shall we?
Days Of The Fallen Sun packs a lot of territory into its scant 24 minutes, a paean for an Earth-ending disaster from above. The four songs on here brood and swirl, the post-metal all ✝✝✝ and Isis and Ben Gibbard, a rainy doom hinted at if never overtly felt. But it's definitely got its heaviness, no more so than during Battle In The Sky.
But by blazing an alien trail, Junius wind up doing Noneuclid a giant favor. Not that they need the help, necessarily. Metatheosis is a chaotic and corrupted prog metal success, a high-speed blend of Thought Industry and Voivod, lovingly slathered with that sweet, sweet fretless bass action. In fact, the worst thing you'd normally say about this music is that there's not enough metal meat and potatoes for cohesion. Normally, that is, unless contrasted with Junius and their almost vegan approach to metal. Noneuclid riffs right on past Junius to win this round, and will compete against Ne Obliviscaris in three weeks!
Tomorrow, Zig tackles perhaps the toughest match so far: Allegaeon versus Skyharbor!

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