The 2015 Arsies: February 6, 2015

February 6, 2015 arse

Good morning! Let's get the high-octane technical metal party started with local-to-me heros Fallujah. After a mood-setting intro in Starlit Path, the band get into the full spirit of things with Carved From Stone. Both tracks are woven of the same cloth, but revel in different extremes, and the same can be said of the album as a whole. Whether they're sounding like Cynic or TesseracT, Fallujah always sound well-practiced and well-honed and oh so smooth. As Zig alluded to earlier, The Flesh Prevails has as its weakness a lack of memorability. Destrage try mightily to exploit that vulnerability with their genre-bending Are You Kidding Me? No. And their manic virtuosity and unorthodox songwritings are memorable and admirable and entertaining enough to be a serious threat. But the Fallujah has a freshness, and more importantly they lack the goofy aftertaste that dogs a lot of Destrage's more brutal moments. Both are excellent albums, but when the dust has settled on this fight, it's Fallujah who are still standing.
Tonight, we end the week (and this round's first half) with Black Crown Initiate versus Artificial Brain.

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